How the language and images of the ads appeal to the consumer

Advertisements exist to sell you a product. It might be soap, music, political positions, or ideas. Most advertisements use a variety of logical fallacies to persuade but some use them to subtlety or overtly manipulate the intended audience.

  • Review the list of logical fallacies in your lesson and study the ads presented.
  • Select at least two (2) ads that you feel represent two (2) different logical fallacies.
  • Determine how the language and images of the ads appeal to the consumer; identify the kinds of fallacies being used; and describe what needs or insecurities the ads are trying to reach.
  • Explain the ads’ effectiveness.
  • While completing the forum consider the Week 3 trigger questions.

What is deductive reasoning?

What is inductive reasoning?

What is causal analysis?

Why should you care about logical fallacies?

What are some logical fallacies?

How are logical fallacies used in advertising?

Why is it important to look for underlying assumptions?

How can you protect yourself from those who try to manipulate your thinking?