How to make Misoprostol Suppository

Watch the following videos and write one paragraph about each in details explaining the making of the different dosage forms and submit in a single
Microsof Word or PDF document. Please include all the references used at the end of the activity

Each video should begin with a new subtitle and a new paragraph. There should be a total of 8 videos. Please underline and or bold the title for each

-Visit www. Watch the video on preparing a punch card.

-Capsule-filling machine: see the capsute-fiting machine that can be ordered at .http:/ Watch the video on how to load

-To view the videos on suppository preparation, visit http://pharmiabs unc. edu/labs/suppository/videos. htm. View the following videos:

Filling and heat-sealing suppository shells

How to make Misoprostol Suppository

Determining the density factor using the double-casting technique

To see video on Lozenges visit nttp//phanmiabs unc. edu/labs/lozengeMideos. htm#lollipops.

View the following videos on preparing

Hard Lozenges

Soft Lozenges

Chewable lozenges