How to write an Expository

You will write an Expository Compare and Contrast Essay, comparing and contrasting Friends (Pilot
(Season 1 Episode 1))and How I Met Your Mother (Pilot (Season 1 Episode 1))

Approach: You will identify a facet (or multiple facets) about the two shows to compare and contrast. You
may choose one facet, such as characters or humor, and discuss many elements of that facet, OR you may
choose multiple facets (characters, humor, themes. etc) to compare and contrast. Typically, the strongest
papers look at multiple elements of the same facet, but you can be successful taking either approach.
Organization: You will start with a tentative thesis that addresses the facet(s) you plan to discuss about
each show. Make sure to include the names of the shows in your introductory paragraph.

Once you have a thesis, you will either arrange your paragraphs either point by point or subject by subject.
Remember, whatever you discuss about one show (ie. characters, humor, etc.), you must discuss about the
other. Also, be sure to provide a balanced analysis. You wouldn’t want to write 10 sentences about humor
in Friends but only 4 sentences about humor in How | Met Your Mother.