How young people shape their own distinct youth cultures

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.How young people shape their own distinct youth cultures

To what extent do young people shape their own distinct youth cultures?


1. Discuss the concepts of plagiarism, academic honesty, and academic integrity, specifically as they relate to integrity at the personal, courseroom, and university levels; 2. Discuss the principles and protocols of citing one’s sources; 3. Clarify the differences between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing; 4. State the specific changes you will make to insure that you do not plagiarize again; 5. Include at least 15 scholarly references that are no more than three years old

3. Pay, Benefits, and the Grievance Process

Write a 400 Words on The value of negotiation in labor management relations is such that both parties bargain in
good faith and are able to come to agreement on all mandatory collective bargaining items. It is important to
understand details of this process to avoid an impasse. A strike or lockout might occur if there is an impasse.
An impasse can have costly consequences for the union, management, and consumers.
With your fellow classmates, discuss the following:
What is good faith bargaining?
What items are mandatory and illegal in the collective bargaining process?
If labor and management come to an impasse over employee benefits and a strike occurs, what strategies
would you recommend to break the impasse? Provide an example using a real-life case.