Howard Gardner in Frames of Mind

Respond to the following topic in your first formal essay:

How effective—i.e., how persuasive—is Howard Gardner in making and supporting his key arguments in the first and fourth chapters of his study, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences? With our recent class discussions and activities in mind, analyze/critique some aspect or aspects of the material that you find especially important or intriguing. (Please note that you can do an excellent job in this essay whether you actually agree with Gardner’s claims or not. After all, the main focus of your critique is on how Gardner does his apparent task. Thus, a careful reader who agrees with Gardner’s main points could be disappointed in the degree to which she thinks Gardner succeeds in making his case, while a critical reader who ultimately disagrees with Gardner could assert that Gardner nonetheless does an impressive job and earns his respect.) Why does it matter so much whether Gardner makes a strong, clear case for his claims? In other words, what are, or what could be, the consequences of disseminating a “sloppy” argument concerning “multiple intelligences”?