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This is your last chance to deliver on an individual assignment. Please do a thorough job here. This assignment requires you to not only provide and rank order scores, but to interpret what they mean to you in your career. You must be able to explain what the data means AND identify its significance to your career strategy. Make sure you answer ALL of the questions to earn full points.

My Career Plan

Each person should take ownership of their own career. Follow the steps below to help you get started.

Go to (Links to an external site.)

Complete the free career test

Note: You will be hit with a lot of advertisements. I am sorry about this inconvenience, but it is a necessary evil that allows us to take the assessment free. Just skip these sale ads and continue to the end of the assessment.

Once you have completed the assessment you will have the opportunity to review your report. Read through the approximately 13 page report. Take notes while reading through your report. Note your interests, work styles, and what your interest scores mean. Note from Holland’s Theory your preferred work environments, your least preferred. Read through the list of intrinsic and extrinsic values. Rank order the values from which are most important to least important.

Note: You will be asked if you wish to purchase your report. That is your option, it is not necessary to complete this assignment.

Armed with this data go to: (Links to an external site.)

Click on Skill Search

Select those that you identified through your LiveCareer assessment

What occupations match your skills?

Click on those occupations that may interest you.

Read the description. Do the tasks interest you? Do you currently have the skills and abilities for the occupation? Does it match your work styles? Your values? Does the wage/salary data fit your requirements? What is the occupation growth outlook? Is it promising?

What steps can you take to close the gaps identified?

What is a realistic time frame for closing those gaps? Identify those that can be closed within 1 year, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-10 years.

What barriers will you confront? Time, family obligations, finances? How would you overcome these barriers?