Conduct a comprehensive assessment utilizing the Security Survey in Appendix C of the textbook. Based on course materials, your research, and observations, make recommendations for improving security at a local business of your choice. The instructor (client) is looking for a concise two-page document (excluding title and reference pages) on the Security Survey.

The instructor expects you to answer as many of the survey questions as possible through deduction or observation as a customer or non-employee. If you cannot gain access to information required for a given question, note that in the question. The completed survey must be scanned and attached to your paper or a summary of the survey results provided in an appendix.

The paper will need to outline what was observed as deficiencies (up to three major), good practices observed (up to three), and what can be done to improve the deficiencies (recommendations). Recommendations (up to three) should be realistic to the environment (e.g., is having a $30,000 infrared laser detection system a realistic security improvement for a flower shop?), cost-effective to that industry, and deliverable (technology that is only available as a prototype or only to the Department of Defense would not be deliverable). Supporting evidence can be in the form of scholarly studies performed on technology, websites or text that elaborate on the development of security, and/or statistics from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.