Human Behavior

Based on the theoretical lenses used to consider the family of Bobby Sharpe in chapter 10 of the book Human Behavior by D Hutchison Fifth Edition .consider your own family of origin using the following questions as a guide (1) What value was placed on connectedness ,and what value was placed on the differentiated self? (2) What were the external boundaries -who was in and who was out of the family? what were the commonly held beliefs? what role did family play? what were the pattern of communications.(3) Were there any transition points that were particularly difficult for your family? if so what made those transition difficult? (4)How traditional were the gender roles in your family ? How was power distributed.(5)Can you recall any periods of stress pile up ? If so , how did your family cope during those periods? (6) How did your family use belief system ,organizational patterns ,and communication in the face of adversity.(7) select one of the theoretical lenses in chapter 10 Identify and briefly discuss 2 Article that address how practice with families is informed by the particular theoretical approach .The two Article used for this assignment should be properly cited using APA reference style in both text citation and reference list at the end of the paper.