Human Resource Management

You will be expected to write and hand in a term paper focusing on a strategic human resource management topic from the required reading of this syllabus. Due in class by April 15, 2018, the last possible day for submission. In your topic you should describe the complexities, key situation, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. Document your sources carefully using APA style with a reference page as the last page. No more than 15 pages, No less than 8 pages. Use of graphs and other visual analysis is highly encouraged. Font Size 12, Times New Roman Font. Margins 1” all around and must be JUSTIFIED. You must document a reference page of texts, web sites, and other sources you researched and cite them, even if you did not use them. Therefore, articles from which you read you should document anyway for inclusion in this reference list. You may only reference from your textbook, academic journals which can be accessed through the college on-line library or in some cases Google Scholar. You must have a header with your last name, the semester and year on the top right. (i.e. Cherubini Spring 2018) The bottom center must have page numbers. The paper must be spiral bound with a hard black cover front and hard black cover back. (Staples will do this for you for a minimal cost.) On the front cover should read the name of your report in capital letters in bold, your name, the course, the school, the semester and year and the professor’s name on a 3×5 plain blank/white shipping label centered on the middle of the hard black cover. The first paper page of your report should mirror the front hard cover. Page numbers should begin on the first page of your writing and not the title page. After the cover page of your report you should prepare an abstract. The next page of your report would then begin your introduction of the report followed by the body and conclusion. You will also be required to interview someone from the private sector that is or has assumed the role and or responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager and incorporate your findings in a section of your paper. • Compliance with Specifications – Did the student follow instructions (i.e., appropriate topic selected, addressed question / issue properly, etc.) (VERY IMPORTANT) • Multiple Perspectives – Did the student exhibit appropriate level of theoretical knowledge based on readings and written assignments and class discussion. Were viewpoints integrated in a complementary was that one can compensate weaknesses of the other or support the interpretation made by other sources? • Application – Did the student properly apply this theoretical knowledge to the assignment? Did the student utilize relevant statistical analysis (where applicable)? • Synthesis – Did the student demonstrate clear analysis of information? Were conclusions drawn logically from this analysis? Were the viewpoints used in interpreting the issue well integrated and related to one another; and produced meaningful, insightful, and original explanation and understanding of the text and other sources? • Organization – Did the student exhibit proficiency (including writing organization, style, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and reference citations)? Goldman, D. (2000) Working With Emotional Intelligence. New York: Bantam. ?(ISBN-13: 978-0553378580) Lombardi, V. (2005) The Lombardi Rules-26 Lessons from Vince Lombardi . McGraw-Hill. New York (ISBN 007-1444890) Johnson, S. (1998) Who Moved My Cheese? New York, NY G.P. Putman’s Sons Publishers, Penguin Putnam Publishers. Don’t stress about the interview, you can fake it cause no one has time for that