Human Resources and or Employee Learning and Development

Human Resources and or Employee Learning and Development

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Your deliverable for this project will be an essay formatted according to APA standards (suggested length: 8-10 pages). Your submission will include a research prospectus, your essay, and a correctly formatted references page.
In the essay, you should identify a specific research question within your field of study, use at least five credible sources to explain the problem, and develop an original response or solution.
Your use of sources should demonstrate the ability to correctly locate, interpret, and integrate research to support and/or clarify your position as it relates to your topic. In other words, sources should be directly relevant to the topic, your position, and/or a counter-position that will be presented in the essay. Sources should be presented and analyzed to demonstrate a thoughtful and accurate representation of their content, and they should facilitate engagement with the ongoing conversation that exists on the selected topic.

I. Research Prospectus

Choose your field of study (accounting, education, criminal justice, etc.), and then identify a problem within the field that can be researched and discussed. Your research prospectus will develop a specific direction and research question that the essay will address. To get started, be sure to do the following:
• Choose a topic about which some degree of research is available
• Develop a research prospectus that identifies the audience, purpose, major research question(s), and a working thesis statement for your project
• Develop a schedule that includes strategies that will be used to complete each phase of the writing process
• Locate at least five reputable sources to be used as support

II. Research Paper

Use the steps in the writing process to research and develop an effective and polished essay that includes the following components:
• An introductory paragraph that engages the reader and ends with a positional thesis statement
• A literature review that identifies some past and current research on the topic to engage the existing conversation that is taking place
• Body paragraphs that develop the thesis statement through examples, research, and analysis
• At least one source that identifies a counter-position (the essay should include a rhetorical analysis of that source to identify the author’s audience, purpose, and message as part of a response to the counter-argument)
• A concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and summarizes the main points of the essay
• A full reference list for all sources used

III. Citations and References Page

Ensure that all sources are cited with both in-text citations and a reference list formatted according to APA guidelines.