Human Resources Compensation & Benefits



Yellow Leaf Software Solutions (YLSS) helps its clients eliminate paper use by automating their business processes. The company now faces the challenge of getting a solid staff in place to help
sell, customize, and provide service for the new software for the company’s growing client base.

YLSS has been in business for five years and currently has 20 employees working on a variety of software applications for clients. However, expected demand for this new software application will
require significant growth for the company. YLSS will likely double in size during the next six months and add even more employees by the end of the year. A majority of the new hires will be the
software designers needed for the new software application. The company’s human resources manager, Audrey King, is ready to begin the recruitment process; she knows that compensation is an
important consideration in order to recruit and retain these critical positions.

In addition to software designers, the company needs to hire additional support staff. These hires will include customer service representatives, marketing and sales professionals, and
administrative staff. But recruiting the software designers is going to be the biggest challenge. The job market for software designers is ultra-competitive. YLSS is located in San Mateo,
California, a geographic area that is penetrated with software development companies. As a result, Audrey will need to consider how to make the opportunities at YLSS attractive to potential hires.

Audrey must carefully consider what the company’s competitors are paying when determining the pay policy that YLSS should pursue for the new hires. Audrey is not sure if it is sufficient to match
the pay of the company’s competitors. YLSS is a fairly new company, and Audrey is concerned that top software designers will not be attracted to the opportunity unless the pay is higher than that
of competitors.

Audrey has hired you as a compensation consultant to assist in developing strategies to attract the right talent for YLSS. Specifically, she has asked for some recommendations regarding the
components of the compensation and benefits package to offer the new software designers and other new employees. She would also like your assistance in developing specific workforce strategies that
will allow YLSS to be competitive in the workplace and attract and retain a quality workforce.

The attached “Yellow Leaf Software Solutions’ Benefit Portfolio” provides details of YLSS’s available benefits.


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