Human Resources Management (HRM)

Considering the Company that you are profiling in the Talent Management Simulation Team Project, (COMPANY IS UNILEVER as well as the HR Manager role you are seeking to hire and develop, the focus of this essay will be twofold.
In Part 1 you will focus on the assessment tools to be used in the recruitment process, while in Part 2 you will focus on one assessment tool to be used post-hire to evaluate and develop the employee in the role.

Part 1. Research validated assessment tools and choose THREE that you would propose your assigned organization for the Talent Management Simulation Project use during the pre-employment selection process to evaluate the candidates for the HR Manager role you seek to fill. In selecting the three assessment instruments, describe what each tool will assess and why you think it’s important to use each of the three tools for UNILEVER and for this particular role (HR Manager). Also discuss the pros and cons of each tool and any risks associated with its use.

The three assessment tools I choose are:

-behavioral interview

-360 leadership assessment

-Personality Test Assessment

Part 2. Post- hire, based on your research, propose ONE valid assessment tool to address ONE of the following three critical skills required for an HR manager’s success: (1) communication, (2) teamwork, OR (3) leadership.

Describe the tool, including how it is used for evaluation and development purposes and why you think it’s important to use as an assessment for this organization and this role. Discuss the pros and cons of the tool and any risks associated with its use.

I choose the 360 Leadership Assessment as the post hire assessment tool to identify leaders/leadership capability. The skill I choose is leadership.