Human services (Mixed topics)

. There are broadly 5 types of child maltreatment which are (6 marks)
a. physical abuse;
b. emotional maltreatment;
c. neglect;
d. sexual abuse; and
e. exposure to family violence.
What are some of the difficulties of defining child maltreatment? (200 words)

  1. Why are risks and protective factors important when using a public health approach to child protection? (6 marks) (200 words)
  2. Describe 2 benefits and 2 challenges of utilising a public health approach to child wellbeing. (6 marks) (250 words)

Five (5) peer reviewed references for small essays. Last 10 years

  1. What is a social determinants of health (SDOH) perspective? Here you are being asked to provide a description of SDOH. 400 words small essay)
  2. What benefits does a social determinant of health perspective provide, and what are its limits? Here you are asked to provide a critical discussion of SDOH. (300 words small essay)
  3. Describe two examples of social work roles and indicate why it might be important to use SDOH in these roles when working alongside clients (300 words small essay)