Human services policy

  1. Research literature in the library on Human Services Policy such as, teen
    pregnancy prevention, child abuse, parent education programs, domestic
    violence, senior outreach programs, etc. Select 5 – 10 peer reviewed articles (you
    may include up to 2 urls). concentrate scholarly journal articles
    (not popular magazine articles, newspaper articles or websites). However, you
    can find “electronic articles” that are from scholarly journals using one of CSUF’s
    databases such as Ebsco, Pychinfo, etc., they just need to be from scholarly
    journals. If you need clarification click here:
  2. Find out what is currently being done on the policy
  3. Final written report summarizing the articles and drawing conclusions about
    the policy.
  4. Personal impressions of the literature and research, any questions or concerns
    related to the literature.