Human trafficking cases

1. Source: From what journal is the article taken? Who is the author? Use proper bibliographical form.

2. Problem: What is the problem or issue being studied in this article?

3. Hypothesis: What is the hypothesis being tested? What are the independent and dependent variables? State the hypothesis in an “If ……… then………. format. There may be more than one hypothesis.

4. Research design: What research design is used? Support your answer.

5. Time frame: What time frame is used? Explain your answer.

6. Operational definitions: What operational definitions are used to define the variables used in the research?

7. Sample: What kind of sample is used? Random? Nonrandom? Why? Who or what is the sample?

8. Findings: What are the findings of the study?

9. Conclusions: What conclusions did the author draw?

10. Ethical questions: What ethical questions are or should have been addressed concerning the research?