Write a long paragraph on EACH of the following concepts/characters/passages. If it is a character, make sure to describe the who, what, when, where, and also the why important, ESPECIALLY in regards to the theme of the course and the content of the work. If it is a concept, make sure to explain how that concept fits into the appropriate texts, what the larger meaning of the concept is for the course, and characters who may be associated with the concept. If it is a passage, write out a full explication of the passage, how it reflects a theme that may run throughout the work, how it demonstrates the voice of the character, how it addresses a particular concept, etc. Make sure to use direct references to the texts, quoting passages where appropriate.

1.The Pederastic Relationship
2.Women in The Symposium
3.Common Love (specifically, but also in reference to Celestial Love)
4.The Use of Myth in Plato
5.Mental Pregnancy
6.Diotima’s Concept of Wisdom and Beauty
7.“What I did (no excuses!) was mess up/ Her new coiffure. Like that, in disarray,/ It looked splendidly windswept.”
9.The Witch in The Amores
10.Ovid and Class