In your own words, what do you think is the best type of health care system that will save both the government and people money as well as providing optimal health? Remember to describe education, finance, types of facilities and care available. How will your plan work? What changes will you see in 0-5 years, 5-10 years, and after 10 years. Write 250 Words.
HEALTH CARE COST: Explain why health care cost is so high in the United States. Describe what ways the United State could improve their health care budget, such as not use high technology, only serve those who have health insurance, etc. Explain why your suggestion may or may not work in the immediately future but your idea can work in a future 50 years from now. Explain the waste and abuse, fraud, and the overcharging in the system. Provide examples. Write 250 Words.

Describe a different presentation.) Which presentation made the most impression on you? Why was the impression so vivid? Explain how the presenter presented. How could the presenter improve the way they speak or present? Was the presenter explaining the topic clearly? What did you learn from the presentation? What would you change in that person’s presentation? Write 150 Words.
SICKO: What do you think about the Michael Moore SICKO movie? Explain if you think the movie is more a propaganda, documentary, or satire. Explain if you think that all information in the movie is true or false. Explain if you feel if Michael Moore tells the entire story of both sides of the health care issue or does he only tell one side of the story? What are 3 things that most impressed you and 1 thing that does not impress you. Provide 3 sentences of your summary of the movie. Write 150 Words.