Ideal Society

Project Sections (Be sure to address the following questions in each section.)

Key Components:

What is sociology?
What are the key components of a society per the field of sociology?
What are the main components of an ideal (stated) society and real (practiced) society? Simply stated, in what ways does society project how people should live, and how do people actually live? Please see the example in the overview regarding marriage.

Theory and Research:

How can the theories and research from the field explain what an ideal society is and assist with developing a healthy society?
Comte, Spencer, and Marx held different perspectives regarding society. Which of these perspectives fit an ideal society? Which of them fit a real society? How?


Address how society impacts the way people behave and interact.
How can we explain the impact of society on behaviors at the individual and community level? (Think about the cause and effect of society on micro- and macro-behaviors.)