Identifying Action Steps Exercise


Identifying Action Steps Exercise The instruction will below

Directions: Assume that you are your own client. Write the description section of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment as if you are a social worker who learned what you know about yourself as a person and about your situation.
1. Identify at least one problem/issue or goals for which you might conceivably consult a social worker.
2. Based on what you wrote in the description section, provide a tentative assessment and case formulation using your analysis and synthesis of the available data.
3. For any problem or issue apparent in the case description, generate at least one explanatory hypothesis about how or why it might occur.
4. With the problem/issue and your explanatory hypothesis in mind, formulate a change-oriented hypothesis about how that particular problem might be resolved.

Directions: Review your responses to the previous 4 scenarios and provide the following information for each:
1. Write the words you might say to encourage the client(s) to identify one or more action steps.
2. Write what you might say in proposing a client(s) task, a worker task, and an in-session task based on the action steps.