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Though it isn’t the habit of most people to approach issues from multiple perspectives,
this is what you are asked to do in this research paper. The more you can learn about a topic by
using multiple perspectives, the easier an issue might be to solve or understand. Solutions or
issues will become clearer.
Select a topic from the list of topics [see attachment: Interdisciplinary Research Paper
Topics] that would benefit from some further examination and has some personal importance
to you. Select something that you are interested in; if you don’t have an interest in the topic
you will be less likely to want to do the research and less inclined toward the revisions required
for this assignment. Develop your paper with an outline of your topic including the multiple
perspectives [the academic disciplines] that you plan on approaching it from. If multiple
perspectives don’t readily occur to you, look through the GSU catalog at all of the degree
programs we offer—each is a perspective or discipline that might have an opinion or idea about
your topic. Select three [3] disciplines that you want to look at concerning your topic.
When it comes to the research for the paper, consider supplementing your academic
research by interviewing experts in those fields. We may have many experts in the campus
faculty here at GSU. Take your topic and talk to academics and researchers who know
something about it and see what their perspectives are. Then you can compare their
perspectives to what you have discovered from the research into the perspectives of the
different disciplines. Each discipline or academic perspective has its own approach; each looks
at some aspect of the issue but not how it would look if they didn’t use that perspective.
Therefore, your research is to stand in each of their perspectives and see the world as they do.
Then you can step out of each perspective and see what it has in common with the others and
what it focuses on that is different from the others. At the end, conclude the essay with some
reiteration giving your new path to resolution or solution to the original matter at hand.