Illicit substances

  1. What is it about illicit substances that entraps people from every walk of life despite the clear toll it takes on their lives? Why do such diverse groups of people get hooked on drugs?
    2.Consider how most illicit drugs went from being perfectly legal to illegal in a matter of decades. What do you see as the impetus behind this?
    3.Consider the operation of most illicit drugs. What do they have in common? What does this mean for users and their likelihood of becoming addicts? Is it possible to just be a recreational user of hard drugs like Meth, Crack or Heroin?
    4.Consider how much money there is to be made in the illicit drug trade and contrast it with the amount of funding that can be given to law enforcement treatment and educational programs for combatting drug use and addiction. Is there any hope of winning a war on drugs?
    5.Consider the relationship between the legitimate drug industry, the illicit drug trade and the nation’s drug abuse problem. How have they mutually contributed to one another? Which factor is most problematic?
    6.Consider the relationship between drugs and crime. Everyone knows that there is a correlation but which comes first? Justify your answers using evidence from the assigned readings and documentaries.