Immigration and Crime in the U.S


This course requires a substantial research paper on a topic of your choosing. Topic that was chosen: (Immigration and Crime in the U.S). Each paper must be 15-20 full pages in length, typed and double-spaced, not counting your cover page, abstract, and references. Your paper is expected to follow the APA style guide. You are expected to draw on at least eight (8) scholarly sources (including at least two [2] peer-reviewed academic journal articles) that contribute to and are properly cited within the body of your paper.
Papers that do not adhere to these guidelines will not pass – and thus, you will not graduate. This includes (but is not limited to):
▪ Use of proper font (12-point Times New Roman only);
▪ Proper margins (1” all around);
▪ Inclusion of APA formatted cover page with a title reflective of your analysis;
▪ Inclusion of running headers with page numbers;
▪ References section with APA formatted citations; and
▪ No more than two (2) direct quotes throughout the paper.

It is absolutely in your best interest to produce the very best paper you can for the first draft. I will return this draft to you with comments and suggestions for your final paper. (You also will get additional feedback from both myself and your classmates during the oral presentation.) Since this course also fulfills a writing requirement, the first draft is mandatory. There are no exceptions. If you do not submit a draft, you will not pass – and thus, you will not graduate.

Oral Presentation – Assignment Instructions

This course requires a class presentation on a topic in public justice of interest to you. This will be the topic that you have chosen for your research paper for the course, and the presentation will consist of you presenting the findings you have uncovered during your research for the initial assignment. Such findings should include empirical evidence (e.g., statistics) to support your main thesis statement.
You must prepare a class presentation of approximately thirty (30) minutes. Your presentation must include a PowerPoint slideshow. Keep in mind, however, that YOU are the presenter; therefore, only five (5) total minutes of video is allowed. Any video used should be done to enhance your presentation, not just fill up time. It is further recommended that you build in opportunities for your classmates to be involved in your presentation, so that it is interactive.

At the end of the presentation, you will lead a 15-minute critical thinking discussion with your classmates. You should prepare a list of questions based on three (3) of the following substantive areas, as they relate to your topic and presentation (do not pick an area just for the sake of picking one):
▪ Criminological theory to further understand your topic;
▪ Policy implications stemming from the problem presented;
▪ Directions for future research related to the topic or issue;
▪ The impact of the topic on future public justice students’ careers;
▪ A recent current event within or relevant to the topic at hand; and/or
▪ Legal and/or constitutional implications stemming from the issue.
You should be prepared to discuss each area for approximately five (5) minutes before moving on to the next (approximately 2-3 questions per area). A copy of your questions should be submitted to me via email no later than one week prior to your presentation date for review in a Microsoft Word file attachment (.doc or .docx extension with your name in the filename). Questions should be organized by topical area with headings.

Your presentation will be assessed on the following criteria:

▪ Scholarly content; ▪
Presentation organization, clarity, and style;
▪ How well you have researched your topic;
▪ How well the presentation maintained the interest and participation of the class;
▪ Your ability to facilitate a critical thinking discussion; and
▪ Overall impressions of the presentation.