Immigration and its Effect on Children


This is a research paper on the issues that children face here in the United States and/or abroad with immigration.

This paper requires that you demonstrate understanding 3 academic journal articles that are provided.


I. Introduction
Tell the reader what the paper is about and why it’s an important topic to explore. Why did you choose the topic? .
[Aim for writing 1 – 2 paragraphs]

II. The Research Studies
The first paragraph should briefly introduce what the three studies and how they relate to your topic.

Then, use subheadings to summarize each article; there should be three subheadings.

Tips on writing about these studies:
 Be sure to use your “I” voice to discuss
o the main findings and who was included in the study
o what you liked about the research study
o what you think the researchers missed
o how do you think the study could have been improved (e.g., adding certain populations, using a different or additional research method).
 Be sure to discuss explicitly how children’s everyday lives are affected. In this sense, choosing at least one qualitative study is a good idea!
 You can use the course material for this clas to help you make your arguments and discussions in each study subsection.

[Aim for writing 2-3 pages]

III. Conclusion
A. The conclusion subsection should reflect on what you have learned from these studies. Other issues you can address: What are the real life issues related to this topic? Are there child-centered solutions? What can be done to help? What laws could help improve the lives of the children effected by this topic? [Aim for writing 1 – 2 paragraphs]

B. What did you learn about childhood? What do you want to know more about? [Aim for writing 1 – 2 paragraphs]