Impact of Decentralizing Public Procurement in Sierra Leon

Description: What is required: You are required to do the Literature Review. Also you should include two or three research questions. You should use Harvard style of referencing. Also, you should put it into sub-topics. As you know literature review is a Chapter in a Master’s dissertation, so it should carry the required format. It should include the following:

  • 1. Intro – 2. Method – 3. Case description/strategic analysis (optional) could provide depth of discussion in relation to improvements/new approaches taken. (Optional this may sit in intro) – 4. Analysis of literature – meta analysis – 5. Applying key leaming points – applying these to the case/situation (new plan, strategy, framework) – where are the gaps in the literature – what do you still want or need to know? – Conclusions – review of topic, method, case analysis, outputs?