Impact of Mass Media on Global Security

aspect of the impact of mass media on global security. This includes all mass media, from smart phones to social media. In a short paper you will only have the space to explore one or two

specific areas, so concentrate on something specific.
For example, if you decide to explore social media and terrorism, pick a specific social medium,

such as Twitter.
If your topic is on how terrorists use global media to gain publicity and focus global attention on

their cause, pick a terrorism event.
If you are looking at how the media facilitates terrorism, focus on a media area, such as the Dark

Concentrate your thesis on a particular impact and medium. Otherwise, your topic will be too broad

to do justice to in 5-7 pages.
Some of the paper topics propose to explore media bias, unfair and opinionated media, the “fake

news” they generate and its impact. Some people and organizations do generate untrue stories and

“fake news.” But be sure to differentiate these organizations from professional, ethical news

sources who cover stories honestly, fairly and accurately. All media are not the same. An

anonymous online media source is very different from highly respected, credible sources such as

Reuters, the Associated Press, the BBC, New York Times and others. If you make a claim that a

media source is bias, you’ll need to support it.
Proof your papers (or have someone proof it), before submitting. Follow APA format and style. Put

anything word-for-word in quotations marks with an in-text citation. Write from third person.

Follow the assignment’s instructions, complete with a thesis statement and summary.
Write professionally. Don’t use clichés like “having said that” or “that being said.” Do use

thoughtful language and clear transitions. Remember, No