Implementing a change project

  1. You have been implementing your change project for a few weeks now. What adjustments from your original plan have you made, or do you foresee needing to make in order for your change project to be successful? Explain in detail why these changes are needed.
  2. Think back to your Informatics class. With the ever-changing world of technology and nursing, discuss what types of technology you will utilize during your change project.
  3. Discuss your change project events or obstacles that are new this week and share them with your peers. What adjustments did you make, if any? Describe the progress you have made thus far.
  4. Which type of measurement tool are you using to collect data to demonstrate that your change project is worthwhile? Explain why you chose to use the specific measurement tool.
  5. What process did you use to figure out your budget and available resources for your specific change project? Who did you have to talk to, get approvals from, etc.? Do you think this process would be similar at all facilities? Why?
  6. You should be educating the staff at your facility regarding your change project. Describe some methods you have used to ensure there is a smooth transition when you leave the facility and the project continues.
  7. How was your project accepted at the facility? Share the responses you received from the facility’s employees who are affected by this new change.
  8. Now that you are about to complete your change project, share what has worked well and what you would do differently if you had the opportunity to do it again.