Importance of Early Literacy Programs in K-2nd


Completion of Chapter 3 Methods/Procedures – 15 %

This assignment pertains to the methods/procedures chapter of the research report. The methods/procedures chapter is to be 5 to 7 pages in length using 12 point Times New Roman font and adhering to APA style. The chapter should describe all appropriate procedures used to gather data as well as clearly describe participants and the context of the research (class, school, community) including the rationale for selecting the participants and the location. A clear desсrіption of instruments and an explanation of each instrument’s appropriateness as related to the study’s research questions and proposed purpose are essential. A thorough and detailed desсrіption of all interventions and a rationale for why they are the best way to address the research question is crucial. The chapter will also include
a desсrіption of possible ethical concerns and how the researcher will address those concerns. A reasonable timeline outlining critical project components will be included. Upload and submit to Chalk and Wire be uploaded later.
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