importance of research and the use of research methods within an organization

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Compile a PowerPoint presentation introducing the importance of research and the use of research methods Within an organization- Think about

how this applies to your industry and, specifically, to a company that might use research methods discussed in this course- As you compile this

PowerPoint, discuss the points identified below.

Analyze the theoretical aspects of research metth to include the following:

o importance of conducting effective research leading to good decision making,

0 analysis of the process associated with putting together a research study,

0 summary of research metth including advantages and disadvantages of each, and

0 effective presentation strategies for reporting research results-

Apply learning from this course to your discipline to include the following:

0 Explain either a hypothetical or real research problem that could arise Within a company in your discipline-

0 Discuss a minimum of two research metth that could be used to address this research problem-

0 Identify and explain specific challenges and opportunities associated With the use of these research metth Within your discipline-