Improving Insulin Administration Times in Acute Care Departments

Improving Insulin Administration Times in Acute Care Departments

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Improving Insulin Administration Times in Acute Care Departments
discuss how hypoglycemic events cost the hospital a lot of money and increase patient’s length of stay. then see the attachments i sent you and follow the outline, instructions and follow the criteria and start writing

Scholarly, APA formatted paper [Using systems theory, analyzes outcomes of a CNS led (or involved, if not led) system-level change from the perspective of age differences (adult, older adult, & frail old-old) for a specialty patient population].

Body of Paper
Catches the reader’s attention
o Introduces the topic
o Clear statement of the purpose(s). Purpose explains what the paper will cover! (2 points)
• Organization of content is logical (content relates back to stated purpose(s) and content contains: (12 points)
? Describe at least one systems-related theory that frames the paper topic
? Briefly describes the role of the CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist) preceptor
? Addresses where there was evidence of CNS leadership at the systems level. If no evidence, why not?
? Addresses how the CNS influences clinical practice both within and across systems for adults, older adults, and frail older adults. If no evidence, why not?
? Integrates CNS spheres of influence & 5 traditional CNS roles.
• Summary and conclusion are provided (5 points). Note: these are 2 separate sections; pay careful attention to what each of these terms means and then write the sections.
• References are primary source references (2 points)
• Ideas are: (4 points)
o sufficiently developed
o evidence-based (have references)

Format & Composition (10 points)
• Title is representative of content
• Paper is free from technical errors- typos, legibility
• Quotations are avoided
• Tables and figures are clear & relevant (if used)
• Paper is written at appropriate level for degree program and course (proper sentence and paragraph structure, spelling, grammar, no mixing of tenses, no ending sentences with a proposition, etc) (6 points)
• APA style correct for:
o Citations are throughout text
o References in reference list
o Title page, margins, page numbers
o Level headings
? present (minimum 2 levels)
? relate to content of paper sections
? correctly formatted
• No more than 10 pages of content (this 10 page limit does not apply to your title page, abstract, references or attachments