Improving Quality Assurance While Balancing Cost and Access


Improving Quality Assurance While Balancing Cost and Access
Formulate and justify an evidence-based recommendation to improve quality of services. You will need to provide strong support from the literature.
Briefly describe which stakeholder groups could be impacted by your recommendation, and how.
Evaluate the anticipated and possible unanticipated effects of implementing your recommendation, particularly on access to health services and costs/financing.
You will need to address at least one potential outcome for accessibility and at least one for cost. (If you find that you may compromise one or more of these pillars of health, please explain and state why you recommend moving forward anyway.)
You will also need to postulate at least one unintended consequence. This may be toward one group of health consumers or providers, or in general.
Propose three action steps to be taken to begin implementing your recommended intervention to improve quality.
Describe how you will know if your intervention is working. In other words, how would you know that you have improved quality?
Close by providing a recommended approach to ensure this recommendation would be sustained over time (g., after you have moved on).