Indian music culture

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1.Indian music culture

1st paragraph- intro with thesis 2nd paragraph- benefits of learning Indian music in class 3rd paragraph – benefits of learning Indian music online 4th paragraph- conclusion

2.Summary-Response Sample Workshop

STEP 1: Read the following sample Summary-Response and then complete the activities that follow.

Summary of “Beyond Borders: What It Means to Be a Global Citizen”

In “Beyond Borders: What It Means to Be a Global Citizen,” Drew Noble Alexander explains how global citizens have characteristics that are necessary to take on world challenges. Alexander believes
that everyone is a global citizen who ought to maintain international peace and protect the environment. He clearly defines a true global citizen as someone who has a vast perspective of the world
and comprehends his or her role in it. Alexander points out that global citizenship is a lifestyle that uses technology to extract information and emphasizes the importance of analyzed learning
experiences before eventually using them to tackle common issues, such as maintaining environmental sustainability. He suggests that creativity, innovation and teamwork are as significant as
critical thinking, confidence and self-awareness when dealing with some of the world’s greatest challenges. In conclusion, Alexander suggests for parents to encourage their children to be vocal and
explore their values, while still tolerating others’ values as a means of creating a foundation to be contributing global citizens.

Response to “Beyond Borders: What It Means to Be a Global Citizen”

I agree with Alexander’s opinion that everyone is a global citizen because everyone contributes something to the community, regardless of how big or small the contribution’s impact is on the world.
Having received the opportunity to study overseas, I am now more exposed to global issues and have grown to better understand my role in this world, which is to help diminish the world’s greatest
challenges, such as the spread of hunger and malnutrition around the world. My experiences of living in different countries corroborate Alexander’s argument because they have broadened my
understanding on each country’s approach to solving its own problems. Like Alexander, I believe that advanced technology and innovation are two essential aspects for making a difference in a
particular area. Hi-tech equipment helps people to invent new things efficiently that will definitely improve their standard of living. However, innovation is the determining factor that encourages
people to make the first move. This article made me realize that, as a food science major, there are many breakthroughs that can possibly happen if I correctly apply my knowledge to deal with a
common societal problem, such as the world hunger. A few humanitarian projects that I took part in have allowed me to gain sufficient insight into real-world problems. There are always benefits and
drawbacks in every solution proposed to every question, and being open-minded really helps me see both sides of the argument. Like what Alexander said, I have to stand my ground for whatever I
believe is right, while still respecting those who oppose my opinions. I am proud to say that I am not just a global citizen, but in fact a contributing one.