Indigenous Knowledge and Education


Read Chapters 7-12 in Indigenous Knowledge and Education and awswer questions

1) How does the author construct his/her argument? What is s/he arguing for and/or against?
2) What are the assumptions underlying an author’s main arguments? How might these assumptions relate to the historical context in which the text was written?
3) What are the implications of the readings main point, theme, or argument?
4) Are there relevant points that are not covered adequately by the reading/author? Why do you think the author(s) did not address those points, and why is it important to consider them?
5) How do the issues and themes raised relate to other readings, events, theories/concepts, discussions and disciplines? For example how do some of the issues relate to your own primary major if it is not American Indian Studies?
6) What did you agree and disagree with about the reading? What did you gain from the reading in terms of your own intellectual understanding of the topic being covered? Do the readings speak to your own personal lived experience or to that of people in your ethnic community?