Indigenous people health and wellbeing


The paper should investigate the following three (3) areas of Indigenous Health:
1) Defining health, care and wellbeing as this relates to Aboriginal people and communities;
2) Health and history in Australia;
3) Contemporary issues in health and wellbeing.

For example: you may wish to investigate mental health care provision in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory . In this case you may want to pick an example of a health care program that is currently operating and look at how this program has defined health, care and well being for the community and then you may wish to provide some analysis of this based on your readings and investigations in the course to date.
You will base your analyses within an understanding of the background of health and history in Australia perhaps looking at some of the government policies that are relevant to that context.
Finally, you will assess how the program relates to other contemporary issues in health and wellbeing in Australia.
Clear links to course content is essential in order to demonstrate you’ve understood concepts explored. Your abilities to incorporate ideas from your own research will also be assessed.
Further details of this assessment will be discussed early in the study period.
?no need introduction and conclusion