Individual assignment

Individual assignment
The work organisation assignment has enabled you to experience or observe the leading and managing of people at first hand. You have produced something through people in a simulated work organisation. The main purpose of the individual assignment is to give you the opportunity to observe, analyse and evaluate how specific leadership and management competences are demonstrated within the work organisation and recommend behavioural changes that could be introduced to improve working effectiveness. You are also asked to consider the portability of specific behaviours between different organisational or national cultures. (N.B. it is not intended that this assignment is focussed on your management or leadership but any demonstration of management and leadership behaviours, including your own, however underdeveloped.)
Individual Task:
Conflict resolution

Specific requirements of the task:

Write an assignment entitled “A competency based critical review of leadership and management in my work organisation.”

To complete this task write responses to the following 3 questions:
1) What specifically have you observed and learnt from the experience focussing on one management competence?
Use the various sources of observational data located in your appendix i.e. personal journal, video transcripts, peer feedback, questionnaire data and tutor feedback, with an appropriate range of management concepts from your study of the subject to interpret your experience.
It may help to think of this section like the finding and conclusion of a report
(Suggested length 1000 words)
2) Evaluate how what you have learnt concerning best practice of the competence should inform and change the practice of the competence for the future.
This should be undertaken by considering the specific work organisation which you participated in or observed.
(Suggested length 700 words)
It may help to think of this section like the recommendations of a report

3) Identify and explain whether the best practice of the competence discussed in question 2 could be transferred into an employment situation when operating in a work organisation in your own national culture. If you are a UK based student, consider the transfer of the competence into a work organisation with which you are familiar.
(Suggested length 300 words)
The following appendix items must be included as course requirement:
1. A relevant Personal development journal entry (minimum 1).
2. Video transcripts of relevant incidents. (minimum 4)
3. Results from MBTI and Belbin questionnaires
4. Sociograms (minimum 4)
5. Emotiograms (minimum 4)
6. Team critique surveys (minimum 4)

Items that should help with the assignment:
1) Visual recording of meetings
2) Transcripts of important incidents from the video recording
3) Process observation (e.g. sociograms, emotiograms, behaviour catagorisation, and team critique survey.)
4) Results of questionnaire data.
5) Personal journal
6) Reading, lecture material, relevant articles
7) Reflection and thinking
8) Discussion with group members and facilitators

This is report from group work(2200 words)
Don’t start from new document stating writing from
Just answer 3 questions
Question 1(1000 words)
Question 2(700 words)
Question 3(300 words)
Personal Journal (200 words)

2000 words are only for 3 questions.
Please don’t mix any theories and any question.
Use first Person (i)
Words count doesn’t include cover page table of content, references and appendix.
And you even need to make a Personal Journal and put in my appendix. I will be sending you different document for journal entry it has sample journal entry and good and bad journal entry. just complete it and paste it in my end of appendix. You can make any situation.