individual report

individual report

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Assignment Task: Individual Report
(This assignment comprises 50% of the final mark for this module)

? Question 1 (20 marks) – guidance: 250 words
Business Economics is a useful toolbox for understanding the business environment
and making better decisions. Consider you are the managing director of a
manufacturing company based in UK; describe the different aspects of the business
that you should be looking at from an economics perspective in order to run the
company efficiently. Consider both the microeconomics and macroeconomics
Learning outcomes assessed: a, b

? Question 2 (30 marks) – guidance: 500 words
Focus on one microeconomics aspect and a macroeconomic one from those you
have described in Question 1 and explain using economics theory how you would
improve the running of your company. Use real world examples to back your answer
(you may use examples from the press, books, journals, etc).
Learning outcomes assessed: a, b, c

? Question 3 (50 marks) – guidance: 1,000 words
Let’s consider that your company is looking at expanding internationally by opening a
new manufacturing facility in a non-EU country. Choose the country where you
would be locating the new branch justifying your answer based on a
macroeconomic analysis; you should review at least the following aspects:
a) Macroeconomic conditions of the country.
b) Current economic policy (fiscal and monetary).
Learning outcomes assessed: a, b, c
Total marks for assignment: 100