Individual Report.; ability to carry out independent research

Individual Report.; ability to carry out independent research,

Project description
Assignment 2: Individual Report.; ability to carry out independent research,

The aim of Assignment 2: Individual Report is to produce an independent, well-structured written report, to demonstrate your ability to carry out independent research,

and to apply the relevant MS Word and Excel skills. Part of the work for Assignment 2: Individual Report will be included in your contribution towards Assignment 3:

Group Presentation.

Assume you work for the Economic Intelligence Unit of a large US-based multinational company that manufactures and sells its products in a number of other countries,

including China and the UK. Some of the products your company sells overseas are produced in the US and exported. Others are both produced and sold locally in other

countries. The company is planning to expand its operations into the country you have been assigned in the ASB-1200 Groups file.

You are required to write a report to be submitted to the companyas Chief Executive and Board of Directors. The report should cover the following tasks:

1.Summarise and discuss the factors that influence the following three indicators of a countryas economic performance:
(i)Economic growth (rate of increase of real Gross Domestic Product)
(ii)Inflation (rate of increase of consumer prices)
(iii)Exchange rate (currency value against the US dollar)

2.Explain why each of these indicators is important to your company, in respect of the countries in which your company trades.

3.Present a brief analysis of the economic performance since 2000 and the current economic prospects of the country you have been assigned, using the data for that

country that are available from Blackboard, and any other relevant information you can find. Your report should include graphs and tables based on the data for your


In respect of tasks 1 and 2, chapters 16-18 and 29 of McDowell et al. Principles of Economics, 3rd European Edition, McGraw Hill, 2012 contain relevant information

(but you are not expected to cover everything from these chapters).

In respect of task 3 above, the file China_UK.xlsx contains calculations that were used to compile an earlier report on China and the UK by one of your predecessors at

the Economic Intelligence Unit in 2010 (unfortunately the full report is unavailable). These materials can be used for guidance on how to calculate economic growth and


Useful summary reports on specific countries can be obtained from BBC country profiles: The Economist is also worth searching for country-specific information.

The maximum word-length of the Individual Report is 2,000 words. Your mark will be assessed in accordance with the Individual Report: Marking Criteria (below).

The deadline for Assignment 2: Individual Report is 5.00pm on Friday, 21 November 2014. The report should be submitted in hard copy to the College Reception and

through Turnitin on Blackboard. Failure to submit by the deadline without a genuine reason (completed report of Special Circumstances and related documentation if

applicable, e.g. medical note) will result in a mark of F(3).

A possible structure for the Individual Report is given below, and is intended as guidance rather than a definitive structure:

1.Title page
2.Abstract/Executive Summary: a summary of your work, 200-400 words, and easily understandable to readers who are not familiar with your field of research
3.Contents page
4.Introduction: introduction to your work, including a broad description of the topic, why it is interesting and providing a aroadmapa for the rest of the report
5.Main body of report:
aBackground a describe the factual background
aLiterature review a summarise your reading around this topic, drawing on multiple sources
aDescription and analysis of data a present and analyse data in a way that is relevant to your question
aInterpretation a explain the implications of your findings and to what extent your question is answered
5.Conclusion and reflection: Summarise the main findings of your report. Reflect on what you have learned, whether you asked the right questions, and suggest ideas for

further work
6.References: use Harvard style
7.Appendices (if applicable): any additional information, e.g. graphs, newspaper reports, diagrams, making sure they are referenced correctly


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