Individual Summary

Individual Summary

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This assignment requires you to:
1. KeepMarkstrat team. You need to record observations and experiences about how you and your group went about the Markstrat exercise; make comments about what you feel you did well or did badly; reflect on what you might do differently next time. And you can do that several times: that is, if you think about your experiences at the time you can try out the solutions at your next group meeting and then
record what happened and how it made you feel.
2. For the assignment you should select from your journal some incident which, when subjected to some close and honest scrutiny, using the literature and your MBP feedback, reveals to you areas of personal strengths and weaknesses e.g. leadership, co-ordination or motivation. Guidance on the format of the assignment will be provided to you on Succeed closer to the date of submission.Your diary or reflective journal is basically a data-recording and collection device, just like a questionnaire or interview schedule, which you complete regularly by writing-up observations and experiences in story or narrative form as recollections. The process can be set out as follows:
• Start generating diary entries about, for instance, you doing some aspect of leadership in
your team as you progress through Markstrat
• Summarize this using a narrative scheme, eg: what happened, when, where, why (the plot,
the characters).
• Share this with your MBP. Log discussions.
• Select one event, incident or experience. Research ways of relating the raw data of your
diary entries for this incident or experience to your relevant literature. Explore any
• Describe what you learned. In other words, use the ‘data’ in your MRD entries to
compose a story of ONE key moment for you, eg, when you took a leadership role. What
happened? What difficulties did you encounter? How did you overcome them? What
impact did that have on the team? What could you have done? Use the literature and
feedback from your MBP here to help you organise the incident.
• What can you conclude about your own specific ways of working through emotional
intelligence? What are you going to do differently in this type of situation next time?
What steps are you going to take on the basis of what you have learned?
10In 1000 words, write up the last 3 steps as a reflexive account of your learning.
a reflective DIARY of your involvement and contribution to the work of the


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