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Its the Coursework 3 in my module called entrepreneurial practice.
We were a group at university who collaborated with a social enterprise called “Cafe Art”.
Who is Cafe Art? Cafe Art is a social enterprise based in London that gives back to the homeless community and those that are socially vulnerable. Cafe Art frames artwork created by those that are affected by homelessness and displays them in cafes and coffee shops around the city. 80% of the proceeds are given to the artist, with the remaining 20% returned back to Cafe Art to further the project and company. Currently, Cafe Art has one full time employee, the man who started the company, Paul Ryan. The company is financially supported by individuals and organisations, and plans to become fully self-sustainable in the future.
Who are we? We are a group of 5 students from Westminster Business School charged with creating a crowdfunding project for a social enterprise in London. After hearing Cafe Art’s story and how they impact the homeless community in London, we knew this was the social enterprise we wanted to make an impact with. We have been working with Cafe Art for the past several weeks and want to launch a successful campaign to further this not-for-profit company’s growth. We had a fundraise project at university, trying to sell calendars to make some money for the social enterprise. our goal was to raise £1000.

I was in charge of the social media and creative part. I published many times advertising on facebook.
We had weekly meetings to discuss how things are going and how could we raise more money.

I have updated the Module Handbook (p.7) and Assignment details for CW3.
Please note – one word was corrected in both documents, in the sentence ‘ In the body of your report (not essay) ….’.
Please structure your report and include headings and sub-headings (Assignment criteria, p.8).

description of my profile (in case):Alex Giorgi
As a student and a professional, I have learned to develop an aptitude for continuous improvement in learning in order to be the best. In a highly complex and dynamic world with multi-lateral systems integrated within it, I understand that it is imperative to be constantly engaged and learning rather than to remain static. The complexities of the current world are perpetually changing which is why it is important to have the right attitude first before delving into the system and potentially making it worse.