“Industrial Hygiene and Confined Spaces,” “Violence in the Workplace

“Industrial Hygiene and Confined Spaces,” “Violence in the Workplace “You’ll be fine as long as you wear your respirator,” said the supervisor to the employee as he entered the empty vessel. “There might be some residual toxic gas left over, but there won’t be much. If you don’t breathe it, the gas can’t hurt you. Get in, do the inspection, and get out. It shouldn’t take five minutes.” Is this supervisor giving the employee accurate advice? What is your opinion? A man walks into an office building and asks to see his wife. The man is well known to the other employees, one of whom escorts him to his wife’s workstation. Suddenly, the man pulls a gun and shoots his wife and another employee who tries to intervene. Is this an on-the-job event? Is the employer at fault? What is your opinion about this incident involving an employee-related outsider? USE AS REFERRENCE 1 COURSE TEXTBOOK: “The Basics of Occupational Safety,” 2015, 2nd Edition Goetsch, David L. Pearson ISBN: 13:978-0-13-349607-9, 10: 0-13-349607 CHAPT