Industrial Revolution


(a) This paper has two questions, make sure to answer only one question.
(b) Make sure that your answer is in an essay form (Title, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion, and Citation/References).
(c) Your essay should be typed, and should follow this order:
-Length: 4 Pages long
-Font type: Times New Roman
-Font size: 12
-Spacing: Double Spacing
(d) Use information from the prescribed books by Robert Strayer (Ways of the World) and two other sources.
– Indicate the author, book title, and page numbers. Failure to use the required textbooks will result in deduction of points.

1. What was the Industrial Revolution? Write a paper that discusses its origins; major developments and inventions; and its impacts on European (mostly British and Russian) societies. You also need to highlight some of the lingering impacts of the Industrial Revolution to modern-day societies (i.e. the global impacts of the Industrial Revolution).

2. During the second half of the 19th century, European powers divided the African continent amongst themselves, at the Berlin Conference (1884-1885), a process usually referred to as ‘The Scramble and Partition of Africa’.

Discuss two major motivating factors behind the Partition of Africa; some of the people’s lived experiences under European colonial rule; and the impacts of colonialism in Africa.

In your answer, make reference to examples from the novel ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe.

Suitable Title
Main Body
Citation (use recommended textbooks):