Infant and toddler

Observe an infant and keep descriptive observational notes and submit these along with your written paper to support your critical thinking and writing.
Write a 4 page paper, in APA format with at least 3 citations and references, discussing the significant milestones of development in all domains for each specific ages between 1-3 months to 12months. Discuss differences of development by gender i.e. motor development, stages of children’s drawings and sequence of development of various skills and children’s ability to use their bodies, pincher fingers and direct and indirect influences on development i.e. Social Economic System, family environment, community environment, poverty and provide examples and research findings to support your ideas. You may use the DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS (ATACCH)chart to guide your observations, critical thinking and formation of your written paper.
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1-List the standard/subset of standard that the artifact serves to demonstrate your competency
:2- Artifact : Example of an artifact can be the interview questions. (Discussion of the signature assignment)
o Artifacts are evidence of your knowledge, skill, and disposition
o Artifacts can be a word document (so just describe it for the power point slide); if artifact can be photographed then embed it into a slide
o Protect yourself from infringing on privacy rights by getting permission, removing names and faces from photographs
3- Rationale of Artifact
o Articulate why the artifact was selected and how the artifact demonstrates or furthers your mastery of the standard
o Discuss the specific knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions your chosen artifact supports
4- Reflection
o Your Reflection should show evidence of the following:
o changes in practice based upon reflections
o reflection throughout teaching experiences
o commitment toward the teaching profession
o how you have grown to date
o how you want to grow in the future goals for continued growth
o Reflection Sentence Starters: I know that my teaching has increased learning because
o My professional practices as changed in the following .
o I plan to incorporate the following skills and knowledge attained through this course by…
o My knowledge and application of the technical skills and practices will be applied in the ‘real world’ of Early Childhood Education by ……