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Preliminary literature review. Identify three recent articles that relate to your research topic and write a 3-page summary that integrates them into a single, coherent argument/ discussion. Questions to consider when writing this paper might include: Do all three articles draw similar conclusions, or do they seem to contradict each other? What do you think these articles tell us about your topic? Does the research raise new questions that warrant empirical analysis? Do the authors discuss any shortcomings of their research, and if so, what are they?
Remember that this assignment will form the foundation for the literature review section of your research proposal. I don’t want random facts—I want you to build an argument that will logically point to your research hypothesis (which we will develop in the next assignment). A good literature review is critical to the research process. Other people’s work gives us clues as to what we can and should expect to find in our own research. If all good research tells a story, then your literature review should be designed to “set the stage” for what comes next.