Develop a plan of activities to be able to offer infants or toddlers when deemed appropriate (indicate which group you’ve selected) for one week in each the following curriculum domains (a total of 25 different activities):
physical development–fine motor
physical development–gross motor
psychosocial development
cognitive development
language development
While it is recognized that one activity may address several domains of development, infants and toddlers have very short attention spans and may need and want many experiences throughout the course of the day. These activities are not scheduled according to a daily plan per se (though they may be for older toddlers), but available to implement as deemed appropriate by the infant’s or toddler’s primary caregivers. Each activity need not be a “big event” but rather an experience a caregiver would have readily available, taking cues from the infants or toddlers. When an interest is expressed, it should be followed and built upon.