Influence of health beliefs on client engagement in healthcare

1. Write a discussion posting, with reference support, on the influence of health beliefs on client engagement in healthcare. Will these health beliefs enhance engagement in service(s) or will they act as a barrier to engagement in services. (300 Words) 2. Look at an example of Workplace Safety and Health Best Practice from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower site. a) Give a Brief outline of what the example has set out to achieve b) What is the approach to health promotion? c) How does this example fit with the WHO, 7 principles of health promotion: The Best practice link, above, is not opening at the moment. If this persists then apply the question to a Workplace Programme, found at: 1) Empowering 2) Participatory 3) Holistic 4) Intersectoral 5) Equitable 6) Sustainable 7) Multi-strategy