Informatics and the Application of New Knowledge

Describe the central life challenge (material/physical, emotional/spiritual, social) at the core of the book.
Explore the life journey taken by the writer or protagonist identifying and analyzing themes, processes and issues identified in the course.
Discuss aspects of adult development apparent in this story.
Use quotes from the book and other course readings/lecture/video sources to support your points, and list your sources in APA style in a reference list at the end of your essay.
Discuss the ways in which your understanding of adult development was enriched/altered by this read.
What did the story teach you? How did it challenge you? What adult development issues were addressed in the story?

1. Describe the central psychological struggle or challenge the protagonist confronts in the story.
a. Are there off-time events? On-time events? An overload of stressors? (etc.)

2. Discuss the life stage of the protagonist. What issues relevant to this stage of adult development do you observe in the story? Is gender relevant?

3. If illness plays a role in the protagonist’s struggle, address these aspects:
a. What types of challenges accompany the illness?
b. What resources are available?
c. What inner strengths and abilities help the protagonist to continue to confront their challenge?

4. Discuss how adult development proceeds in the story.
a. Discuss whether/how crises affect her/his movement towards wisdom, enlightenment, personal growth?

b. Give an example of a particular challenge (stressor) encountered by the protagonist and discuss her/his way of coping with this challenge.

c. Do you observe gender or gender roles to be involved?

5. Is there a turning point in the story? Discuss the outcome in developmental terms.
(Does the story portray a spiritual or psychological awakening or pivotal new awareness on the part of the protagonist?)

6. Discuss the protagonist’s social convoy. What role did the social convoy play in the protagonist’s struggle? What kind of support/assistance those within it provide? (give examples)

7. Discuss the role of culture and financial advantage or disadvantage in how things go for the protagonist (give examples).

8. In what ways were you able to see development occur in the protagonist throughout the story? What type of growth/change did you observe? (Utilize course material to identify aspects of development you observed and give examples.)

a. In what ways did you see the protagonist triumph? What kinds of gains were made?
b. In what ways did you see the protagonist struggle or fail? How was their development affected?

9. Did this story increase your knowledge/understanding of a particular aspect or aspects of adult development? What insights about life challenges and life journey were conveyed?