Information Analysis

After you have collected your news sources and prepared your list of References, you will analyze the news items and write a concise 4-6 page report that addresses the following questions.
This assignment will be graded based on the Information Analysis Project RubricPreview the document.
What are their sources of information? What information is being highlighted? What information is not being highlighted? What facet of the story is being held up as most salient? What are the facts of the matter as they are presented by the news items? Other than the basic facts of the matter, what else is being written about/shown? What “narrative” is being built up across media? (is there a single narrative or multiple competing narratives?) Is any of the above going against the narrative? How much of the coverage is apparent fact? And how much is opinion? How are these being presented? Is the same factual information being presented differently in the different news stories you are evaluating? How much of an effort is being made to get at “the heart of the matter/ “actual reality”? What is the depth of coverage on this topic? What gaps, if any, exist in the coverage of this topic? Establish links between your analysis and material that you have encountered in this class (as described above).