Information and Library Skills (Social Sciences) Assessment

Information and Library Skills (Social Sciences) Assessment
The assessment for this module will be a short bibliography and a 1,500 word critical review of how the bibliography was compiled.


• A selective bibliography of 20 to 30 references that relates to your research proposal.

• The purpose of the bibliography is also to demonstrate what you have learnt in the Library and Information Skills sessions. You should show that you are aware of the variety of sources of information by selecting references from at least 6 different types of information source (for example databases, electronic journal collections, catalogues, printed bibliographies, websites).

• Please state which source you used to find each reference in your bibliography.

• The style of your references should follow the instructions that you are given by your School or Supervisor. You should state which style you have used in your critical review.

Critical Review

• You should describe how you developed your search strategy as you compiled your bibliography, including the keywords that you used to find relevant references.

• You should evaluate and describe whether or not your search strategy was successful.

• Choose 6 of the references in your bibliography by taking each one from a different type of information source. Use the 6 references as examples in your 1,500 word critical review of how you compiled your bibliography.

• You should compare the 6 different types of information source from which you chose your 6 references, and evaluate how useful the sources were for finding relevant references on your topic.

• You should give your reasons for selecting each of the 6 references for inclusion in your bibliography.

• You should critically evaluate your overall success or failure in finding references for your research.

All assessments should be word processed and professionally produced. Further details about handing in your assessment are available at Appendix One of this handbook. Submission via Turnitin is not required for this assessment, although the Postgraduate Research Training and Researcher Development Programme reserves the right to request an electronic copy at a later date should a check using plagiarism detection software be required.

One hard copy should be put into the ‘assessment box’ which is available outside the Doctoral Training Suite, 5.65, Daysh Building by 4:00pm, Wednesday 25th November.