Information Literacy project topics

1. The countries that had absolute monarchy in 17th century Europe were better off than the countries that did not.
2. Even today is not known what gravity really is.
3. Lenin made a good decision by withdrawing Russia from World War 1.
4. Rousseau was right when he said by being forced to abide by the general will the individual is being forces to be free.
5. The main cause of the industrial Revolution in England was the demand created by England’s markets at home and abroad, which led to the development of machines to meet it.

I need only 1 Literacy project from out of 5 topics and it has to be 7 pages long. At list 3 citation.

Information Literacy Project: Part of academia is supporting your ideas and beliefs with researched evidence. In that light, you will be asked to present a researched presentation one of a variety of topics related to this course. You will be given information regarding research in the area of Philosophy and links to help you with citation. As with the formal writing assignments, several criteria will be used to assess the projects, including the following information literacy-related components:
• Information retrieval (Use of a variety of methods to obtain information)
• Evaluation of sources (For appropriateness, accuracy and reliability)
• Investigation of sources (Effective use of source material to support argument)
• Citation of sources (Proper MLA/APA format)