Information Technology

Assume you are the new Technology Advisor for Big Tech Corp.
Big Tech Corp. has been invited to participate in this year’s Metro High School STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Fair. You may want to look up STEM on Google and familiarize yourself with this initiative. I need you to
1. Prepare talking points for our representative.
2. Design a flyer that we can hand out to the students that visit our table.
Talking Points Instructions
Please provide talking points to the following questions (you should write a short paragraph -5 to 6 full sentences – for each response and have at least 2 references for each question)
1. What is computer literacy and why is it important to be computer literate?
2. What are some ways in which technology has affected society? (Include at least 3 examples)
3. What are some ways in which I might use technology in my career (include at least 3 examples)?
You should answer the questions using Word and your document should include the following:
• A header with the title STEM TALKING POINTS aligned left, and a plain page number aligned on the right.
• 1” margins and
• Be completed in 12 point Times New Roman typeface
• Questions and references in bold
Your paper should look like this:

Flyer Instructions
Next, using the program of your choice, create a one page (front only) flyer to distribute to students that shows them the benefits of pursuing a career in technology.
• You may include any information you deem appropriate
• You must include a section titled “Additional Resources”
• List at least five websites that provide information for further reading and research.
• These sites must provide pertinent information that will encourage the students to choose a career in technology.
• Flyer must be submitted as a .pdf (portable document format) file