: Innocence and Experience


: Innocence and Experience
Essay will be due on Tuesday, September 26.
3-4 pages in length, typed, double spaced, Time New Roman 12.
Heading at top left: First and last names, ENG 112-02
Title your paper(Remember that your title can serve as a hook! It should not be the title of the reading.)

Audience, Purpose, and Genre should be addressed in your paper. In the first paragraph, be certain to give the name of the reading, and the author’s name. Refer to the
author by his or her last name thereafter (not by his or her first name). What question about the reading are you trying to answer in your essay? Create a question
that you can respond to in your paper, using terms from the handout on literary terms to assist you.
Refer to the page we discussed in class on literary terms. Choose 3 and use them as the basis of your paper. Remember you are discussing the theme of innocence and
experience in this paper, so relate these terms to that theme.
Be sure to give the correct name of the genre when you are writing about it. For example, a poem is not a story, a play is not a story either. It’s drama.
Use the correct punctuation:
“Short stories”
Plays or Dramas are italicized as are books in general
Spell check, grammar check, proofread, and have another pair of eyes look at your paper before you submit it in class.
Late papers or hand written papers will not be accepted.